Australian designed and made

You will find that most ROAR designs are quick to make, easy to cut out and can be made from minimal fabric. #sewmore #wasteless

Being designed in Australia, all patterns use metric measurements. Each design is unique, hand drafted on paper to suit a specific goal. The design is then sewn, adjusted and sewn again. Once happy with the finished product it is put through physical testing. It is used for it’s intended purpose to ensure it works well, then washed repeatedly to ensure durability. The  pattern is then sent off to our fabulous testers to check that the instructions are easy to follow.

All this is done to bring you the best finished pattern so you can sew happily, knowing the outcome will be worth your time, effort and fabric!

The brains behind the ROAR brand has been designing and publishing PDF and paper sewing patterns since 2012 with patterns published under various brands. Now working independently on ROAR patterns in-between other work and life activities. Follow along for sneaks peeks to see what’s new on instagram.

What's inside a ROAR pattern?

Open the packaging and you will find:

  • Front cover: Pattern name, Item number, Detailed illustration of design, Supplies & equipment required, Finished size. All printed on durable coloured card.
  • Pattern Pieces. Printed on durable A4 White card to last longer. Just trace and sew.
  • Instructions Booklet: Step by step instructions with detailed illustrations of each step, cutting guides and other important info.
  • A sheet of tough tracing paper

ROAR patterns are only available in printed format. Check out the where to buy page for current stockists.

Copyright info

The entire contents of each pattern remains the intellectual property of ROAR Patterns and must not be shared in any way.  © ROARpatterns

Do not photocopy or photograph any of the pattern pages (except the front cover).

The pattern remains the property of you (the purchaser) only. You are not permitted to share the contents with anyone. It may not be re-sold in any way.

You are permitted to sell small quantities of items sewn from ROAR patterns.


Choosing a Pattern

Start by having a good read through the pattern description here on the ROAR website.

Are you capable of sewing with bias binding? Using interfacing? Sewing zips?

If you find there are skills you need to hone to complete a project, it is best to sew a few practice items first with cheap fabric. Perfecting a technique takes practice.

Do you know someone that sews?Are there sewing lessons available near you? Do you prefer to watch youtube videos?

There are many ways to grow your sewing skills.

Personal sewing assistance from the designer is NOT included when you purchase a pattern.

Some patterns require specific hardware or notions. Check that you have these prior to starting. Where possible, TIPS are included in the pattern to allow you to skip or modify a section if you do not have a particular item needed for that section.

The first attempt at a new design may not be your best, but when making the next one you will know what you are doing and should find you can complete it quicker and usually also neater the second time around. Practice makes perfect!

Share your finished items with us by using the hashtags #sewroar & #roardesigns online.

Looking for ROAR crochet patterns? You are in the right place!

Find the ROAR crochet pattern range that can be downloaded for free from the Ravelry website and printed at home. Simply create a free login to access Ravelry.