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I dyed!

Dying yarn was a whole lot more effort than I’d anticipated.

With the goal of a beach themed sand to surf ombre fade look, I had my work cut out for me!

After winding about 50g of the yarn around a metal frame, my arms were ready for a break.

I then started from the opposite end of the ball and wound 100g around a second frame.

The two frames were then lowered into the dye baths and just a little drizzled up to the top. The bottoms were drenched in dye to give a darker shade to the bottom section.


I must say, the 4ply cotton from Bendigo Woolen Mills was divine to work with. No knots or imperfetions of any kind. Just perfectly event and strong yarn.

I love the finished look of it all wound up in a pretty ball (though my yarn winder was at MAX capacity with the 200g), I can’t say I have any plans on doing this again soon….


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